Odoo - Voorbeeld 3 voor drie kolommen


By e-mail/lettre/fax

1.  As soon as we receive you order, we reply to you with our offer.

  • If the amount of candles in your order isn't optimal for transport versus cost-effectiveness. We contact you to go through your options.

  • If some of the colors or editions are not (or not yet) available, we inform you of possible delays or similar options.

  • Hebt u na 4 dagen nog niets van ons gehoord, kijk dan eventueel ook eens in uw spambox.

 2.  You check our offer.

  • If you agree, you confirm the offer by clicking the green button provided to you in the e-mail. This confirmation is automatically sent to us. Your offer is now an actual order. 

  • In case of additional question, you can contact us.

3. We pick out the order for transport.Wij zetten uw bestelling klaar.

  • As soon as everything is ready for shipment, you receive an e-mail with your invoice attached. The green button in that e-mail will redirect you to our online pay zone, where you get the option to pay electronically or by transfer. 

  • For every first order, we ask you to pay in advance. If you paid within our terms in the past, we expect your payment within 15 days.

 4. Once you've received the invoice, we ship your order the same day or the following working day. You receive an e-mail from our transporter (DHL or BPost) with a track and trace code. 

Odoo - Voorbeeld 3 voor drie kolommen

Through our webshop

B2C + B2B

1.  STOCK.

You can only order from our stock. For special request, it is better to contact us through e-mail or by phone. 


You can make your choice through the color finder or the style indicator. The color finder has a division by headcolors. The style indicator gives you the option of searching more within an ambiance of your interieur. If the color you prefer is not in stock, we'll give you a suggestion for other colors in the same range. Not all colors are available in both the smooth and iced version, due to a different approach in the manufacturing procedure of the two kinds.


For every order within Europe, the transport costs are automatically calculated.  You can find the exact shipment cost per country in the footer of this webshop. For destinations outside of Europe and for special cases within Europe we need to calculate by measure for each individual case. You won't be able to finish your order, please sent us an e-mail in that case; we'll contact our transport firm and provide you with the most cost-effective formula. You are free to decide to go through with your order or not from that point on, in case you find the shipment too expensive.


We prepare your order for shipment and it will be shipped within two working days. U receive an e-mail from DHL or BPost with a track and trace code.