What is the difference between the Maria Buytaert and bika collections ?

How can I tell the candles are handmade ? 
How do I get the best result ? 

Please find the answer for your pressing questions...

When you light the candle for the first time, we recommend that you let the candle burn for at least 4 hours. This is about the time it takes for the top layer to melt. Allow the candle to burn for at least 1 hour in the following sessions (of course, longer is permitted and even encouraged!).
After about 20 hours, the rim slowly curls outward and begins to bloom.

3 to 4 hour to burn 1 cm.

To be specific :

  • Size 17 cm burns 80 - 100 hours.

  • Size 22 cm burns 100 - 120 hours.

  • Size 27 cm burns 120 - 140 hours.

  • Size 32 cm burns 140 - 160 hours.

  • Size 37 cm burns 160 - 180 hours.


No, certainly not! Our candles spontaneously open at their own pace.

If you must have two curls and you only have one, you can try to coax a second curl to unfurl. Preferably do this with a candle that has burned for about 30 hours and is elevating on one side. When soft, gently push the rim down. Avoid excess force as the candle can tear and drip. 

We advise against placing your candles close together - unless you like the resulting effect. If the candles are too close, they will melt into each other. We recommend keeping them at least 7 cm apart to allow space for them to unfurl.

How can I tell that the candle has been handmade ?

Our candles are poured by hand. As a result, they are never exactly the same length. The exterior differs from candle to candle as it is the solidified representation of the mould's interior.

Our candles are poured in two stages. Deep air bubbles occur when solidifying in the first phase. These are refilled in the second phase. The moulds are topped up with very hot paraffin (which explains the smooth appearance) that does not always exactly match the colour of the rest of the candle.


Our candles rarely or never drip. Especially when they are curling, the risk of dripping is minimal.

But never say never. If the candles are left in a drafty place this may occur. Therefore, always place your candle on a platform with a raised edge.

Strictly speaking, there is no difference in terms of quality, in terms of both performance and composition. We use the same raw materials for both collections..

The only real difference lies in the appearance of the candles. The bika Collection is poured just above melting point, which explains the distinctive lines on the
candle. The Maria Buytaert Collection is poured at a slightly higher temperature, which is why these candles have a smooth appearance

Just after the acquisition of Maria Buytaert Kerzen in 2018, we relined the candle moulds. We were unable to preserve the owl logo as a result. Now and
then, you may still find it on one of our candles. But in the long term the owl will gradually take flight and disappear! The quality, however, will always be

Are all the colours available in both collections ?


The bika Collection contains primarily earth tones, colour gradations and greyed hues. These candles have a softer look and feel.

The Maria Buytaert Collection features more primary, secondary and bolder colours. Some customers say it reminds them of the beautiful pencil box they
used to have as children!