Thai Spa

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Thai Spa

Experience the stimulating sensation of Lemongrass, sweet Pear and noble

Lemongrass drives away all your feelings of listlessness and despondency, while the fragrance of juicy pears adds a sensual note. Thai Spa is a rich, warm scent that will lift your mood!

H: 27 cm
D: 7 cm
Burning time : 150 h.
Colour : Green smooth

Our scented candles are shipped to you in a plastic tube, with instructions in
five languages on how to burn them.
Like all our other candles, these scented candles are produced in our workshop
in Ghent, Belgium.

The raw materials – including the fragrance ingredients – are all RAL-certified
and comply with the strictest relevant legislation regarding the use of fragrances
and scents in candles. 

These candles curl open like the petals of a flower when they are burned..

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