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Finish: Iced

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Sun Gold - available in both smooth and frosted versions - is a cheerful, playful and warm hue. This colour is reminiscent of the golden yellow of a sunflower, as well as the fresh, new yellow of crocuses and the forsythia as they burst into bloom. Combine it with Acacia, Greenery or Brick Brown for a truly autumnal palette. Or give it a real nineties feel by pairing it with Ultramarine of Navy Blue!

Throughout history, the colour yellow has had several different meanings. For many centuries, it symbolised sickness and was associated with yellow bile or yellow fever. During the Victorian Era, people associated the colour yellow with depravity because ‘risqué’ or illicit French novels sported a yellow cover in those days. Yellow thus became a symbol of resistance against the narrow-minded Victorian values. Nowadays, yellow is mainly used as an accent colour or to introduce a splash of light into your home in the darkest months of the year. 

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